Friday, June 21, 2019

Darkness gives no comfort

Darkness gives no comfort as I lay awake too long, with wandering thoughts slowing down my descent into deep slumber.  The rolling thunder in the distance is fast approaching as the dog begins to shiver and moan in his little cave bed.  Winds pick up and begin to batter the side of the house so hard, one wonders why the window doesn’t shatter, but it stays strong. 

Light flashes brighten the curtain tops as the windy rain begins to beat against the outside walls with the fury of a thousand mad horses racing up the walls and over the rooftop.  It leaves as fast as it came and in the middle of all that silence I sigh, get up, and walk barefoot through the darkness to the kitchen and a cool glass of water.

Then I hear it…another wave of thunder rolling in.  The dog crawls under the bed, as I crawl back into the bed.  Sigh… 

Penstemon - Bearded Tongue

Baby rabbit in the gardens

Swamp Rose with bees

Green Garden Spider

Honeybee at birdbath

Snooze Time

Purple Coneflower beginning to open


New Jersey Tea with insects

Reflection in tiny water pool

The Neighborhood

Storm clouds

Raised beds of 'Naughty Marietta' Marigolds, 'Cylindra' Beets,
'Parris Island Cos' Lettuce, 'Cherry Belle' Radish, and 'Turga' Parsnips 

Clematis with Bottlebrush Grass 

Daylily with ants

'Aabachee' Spider Daylily

Monarda fistulosa - Wild Bergamot with fly

Metallic green bee, beetles, and ants on the Butterfly Weed

(Enlarge photos to view insects)

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