Friday, October 18, 2019

The Twins All Hallows' Eve

Come my little lovelies...

I think we should tone down playtime a bit.
Your room is a freaking mess!



May we just bite the toes off all those little doorbell monsters

 and steal all their yummy treats...purty pleasssse!

Oh, you speak in weirdly delicious my little twerps.

Of course we speak in unison...we're twins.


my ghouly little fluff balls,
all in good time.

First, your costumes!

You're so totally rad, nanny dearest!

Now, my costume!

wE loVE yoU!

Zip up those lips my little pumpkins.  I hear some tater tots coming up the steps.

Tricks, nanny, tricks,




Good little kitties,
nanny loves you!

Monday, October 7, 2019

She wonders how her life would have been if...

...her sigh is long and pensive.  

Life in the past...such a waste, she thinks.  Hope sustained her for many years, until she realized her journey had been destined to failure from the very beginning.  She had choices and how she chose has come full circle to haunt her.

A prisoner bound by the bars of necessity, she wonders how to flourish in this atmosphere that keeps sucking the breath out of her as soon as she breathes it in.  She's a fighter, but she is so unbelievably tired and worn out.

She just wants to open that door to her quiet place, walk in, and live there forevermore.  Tomorrow will be a new day, she thinks, and pushes herself to finally get up out of her chair, walk into the kitchen, and feed her waiting dog and cats.

Months and months of just an occasional sprinkle in these gardens, then last night the heavens opened up and the rains beat the parched earth with a vengeance.  The coolness signals that perhaps today is the first day of fall.  The reprieve from drought and HEAT is pure euphoria.

Drying out in the morning

We have an agreement...her and that allows medication, if it has a bit of sardine squished around it and I let her eat it off her plate in her own good time.  It works; as to do otherwise, well...let's just say it wouldn't be a pretty sight how I would emerge from the free-fur-all :)

Our little Persian has heart disease.  The worse kind I'm told.  She's on one baby aspirin every three days, two other medications, an herbal supplement, and Pepcid to keep her from throwing it all up.

She's taken to sleeping with me every night.  She'll be sprawled out on the bed when I tuck in.  I sleep a little lopsided to accommodate her.  Last night I slept a lot lopsided to accommodate her.  She thinks she's queen of the bed.  I guess she's right :(

She has maybe one week to live if she's lucky...she could go at any time.  I was told this six months ago.  I love her as much as I can; and then, I love her some more.

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