Saturday, August 29, 2015

Swept off one's feet in the Garden of Hard Knocks

Thinking too much…is there such a thing as thinking too much. 

I’m going to quit thinking for the rest of the day.

Eleven Days Ago

One step backwards and my balance was lost.
Airborne, I landed with the back of my head hitting the re-bar fence -
lower shoulders hitting the concrete stepping stones -
right arm hitting the log my falling bod knocked over.

That's the story I'm stuck with that sounds the best
I remember nothing except floating through the air
 and hitting the back of my head.

Took myself to the emergency room
 as the knots on my head and right arm HURT!

That experience was a nightmare.
Felt like a slab of meat on a conveyor belt in a factory
being picked over...
but was worried about my head or arm being cracked.

Pronounced okay that evening
had to visited my doctor next day because of chest pains.
Diagnosed with an inflammation of my rib cage -
still on medication and the pain is still there
if I exert myself.

I don't recommend this experience to anyone :)

Parking on one's own lawn by front door -
must be a southern thing.
Quite common here -
I've never experienced it any where else.

Moon and Stars Watermelon

Cantaloupe -
Not sure of its survival, as all the leaves 
have powdery mildew from so much rain.

I'm guessing the over abundance of rain every day did my corn in.
Got tired of re-staking it upright again every day, 
so pulled it all out...
hardly any roots had developed, so...

Last time it grew in the container it rooted to China...
don't know what gives this time around.

Things are beginning to fall apart.

A snake in the yard...Yeh!
Spotted here when part of the yucca was removed.
Slid under the rocks in the background as I disturbed him.
Garter snake - likes to snack on my small ground critters.


Gardens and Life...
the bad
 with the good.

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