Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Be Mine...and other such Nonsense

I seem to have cracks in my mind,
it's been going on for quite some time,
one day I'm sane,
next day I'm nowhere the same,
I'm madly in love, Valentine! 

Valentine's Day...a day celebrating passion; so if your life is a bit passionless, it's more like Hell Day, a day celebrating what we have not.  However you look at it, it's on the calendar for better or for worse.


Because I have another half who loves to celebrate most holidays mostly because they are holidays, I'm stuck on cupid's day coming up with a gift idea for a man who likes nothing except things that require multiple hundred dollar bills or food.

He's getting paper >'-'< Enough said!

Ever have a difficult time trying to define your passions in life?  The most likely thought about ones are love and hate...happy and miserable.  This is where that concept of acceptance enters into the equation, although a slow death by indifference sometimes does the trick.


What are my passions?

We all know what one of them is...

What about the others?  You know...the ones I sometimes bitch about...

On again...oops! again love affairs with arts and crafts.  It's on again if my mind remembers it has an on button labeled CREATE; it's off again if my brain kicks into snooze mode and forgets it has buttons at all.

Gardening, gardening, gardening...oh pooh.  That love/slow death by indifference HATE relationship I have with pulling weed, I mean pulling weeds.  I would ask someone above for a weed less garden, but the answer might be a yard of wall-to-wall concrete, or a house in the middle of the ocean.  It's easier to just have a love affair with winter and its salvation from the bad guys for a few months. 

And... biggest passion of all!  I highly recommend it.

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