Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Scraps and Blossoms

Never let it rest,
until your good is better
and your better is b

 This has been known to be the incessant chant of those defective mortals slowly sinking into scrapbooking perfectionado purgatory.  Personally, I prefer to let imperfections fuzz a bit in my noggin when it comes to mistakes in my older age, but I'm having an extraordinarily difficult time trying to forget tacky gluing a decorative strip of paper embellishment onto the backside (instead of the front side) of a miniature brown bag type of holder for a scrapbook tag, then carefully tearing it off while removing part of the paper bag with it, then gluing a new decorative strip back onto the backside again.
I contemplated venturing outdoors and nestling my vacant head face down into the overflowing concrete bird bath, but was more than a wee bit late and I was bare on both feet, so I live yet another day to chalk up a few more errors to reluctantly add to my growing list.  I feel blessed.

Blooms come and go.
If you don't see what you like at the moment
just give it a week or two
nature begins another new painting.

Wild Bergamot

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