Tuesday, May 26, 2020

A Cozy Little Corner

Chirping incessantly for its next meal, I'm realizing the great odds against this speckled breast baby ever surviving the months to come.  It might as well be saying eat me, eat me, eat me; instead of feed me.  I've watched it follow mommy and daddy around the front yard, onto the driveway and street, then back into the gardens, and just hold my breath keeping an eye out for the neighbor's cat.  

A view of the backyard through my bedroom window finds an adult robin in the low birdbath at the edge of the path...a favorite bathing place constantly refilled during warm days.  The second robin stands in the ground level birdbath cooling off while a juvenile waits
nearby.  Four other robins are checking under leaves for food, as the baby on the pathway keeps demanding snacks.

One of those people who can live with any of nature's creatures nearby, except...perhaps, black widows; I've found squirrels not much of a problem.  It helps that I have biodiversity coming out of my ears with these gardens, and a large oak tree with acorns most years.  A squirrel's nest in the huge tree across the street provides an endless supply of chatting little twerps whose numbers dwindle as the months pass by.

Passed through the back gardens to photograph and was met by intense scolding of titmice and blackbirds to leave the areas of baby's chirping, which is pretty much the entire back yard.  Guess there will be hell to pay in more ways than one, when I'm out planting this sweltering afternoon.

What do you mean...baby birds aren't doggy toys?

Phooey!  Bad dogs always have the most fun.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Is it the next day yet?

Blog...shmog!  Think I'll sleep through all this twiddle-twaddle.

Seed in the bird feeder...water in the bird baths...baby robin chirping for his meal...two ears and eyes hunkered down in the weed patch...get ready...get set...g...hose water arching across yard...WHOOSH!  Wet cat now in his own front yard...typical lazy morning.

An order of masks is on its way to me...I think...Los Angeles to Nashville, Nashville to Chattanooga, Chattanooga to Nashville, Nashville to Chattanooga, Chattanooga to State of Georgia, State of Georgia to Chattanooga, Chattanooga to Nashville, Nashville to Chattanooga, Chattanooga to Nashville, Nashville to Chattanooga, left Chattanooga on its way to destination.  What do you think the odds are of it ever deciding which alternate universe it wishes to be delivered in?

The dentist office called Saturday to see if, due to my age, I wanted to opt out of my teeth cleaning on the first day of their reopening after two months.  Well, you know how positively positive I am in my life ;)  I'm a worst case scenario type of lady, and if the world might be slowly rolling to hell in a wheel barrel, I want to have all appointments done now, so I can pull the covers over my head and snooze an extra three years.

Miss Zoe's renegotiated her terms on that horrible practice of giving cats medication.  Sardines are history and the new love of her life is a bit of grass fed hamburger squished around each pill.  Sad to say, somewhere in the timeline of all this pill popping mania, her sides puffed out two sizes too big.  She's on a diet, and her rapid decent into a persistent grab mommy's food and run little twerp would make even a dumpster diving rat extremely proud.

Dustin, Dustin, Dustin...how he hurts himself is anyone's guess; but fortunately for him, we've found a doggy chiropractor on the same level as a human chiropractor.  Unfortunately for us, he costs twice as much as my own chiropractor.  I asked the receptionist why she thought that was so.  She said maybe because Dustin has four legs while I only have two...ha...ha...ha...

Lacey has developed into an aggressive eater.  The way she drooled as she eyed my big toe this morning made me put my shoes back on.  She has hyperthyroidism.  Her veterinarian mentioned Radioactive Iodine Therapy after she is stable on medication.  I looked it up at the Cornell University website.  A radioactive calico...it's like you're in hazmat mode as her handler for the next three weeks after she arrives back home.  I can see its benefits; but with two people, a dog, three other cats and the lack of space...living with a spitfire calico morphed into Nuclear Kitty Kill...I just don't see it happening.

Copper Iris

Native Mock Orange

Winter Density Romaine Lettuce
on the verge of going to seed

Native Cumberland Rosemary

Nature's up to her old tricks again...cramming five acres of weeds into my little fourth acre plot.  I'm ever so grateful.  Ms. Carpenter Bee miscalculated and chewed a little round window into my fence panel.  Naughty bee!  She's getting better.  Her next attempt just 6 inches away stopped short of making another peephole, and she's on her way up.  Hopefully, she's tallied just how many inches high this fence really is, before it begins to resemble Swiss cheese. 

Pardon me now, as I have a most pressing matter to attend to...picking off a jillion baby burrs from my pant legs and shirt :'(

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