Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fried Eggs & Oats


Holy Leaf ;)

Beyond the back door a garden is opening it's sleepy eyes and slowly yawning as it awakens and pulls itself away from this past winters icy grip.  Earlier springs have seen it's force explode across the horizons with a manic green rush that sends this gardener scrambling to keep pace, but today it is relaxing in a deckchair with a cup of steamy hot coffee laced with cream and contemplating it's next move.  I like that.                   

Persimmon Seeds

Oak Seed Cap

Tree Lichens

Vic's flying in for a much needed R & R, and I'm ecstatic...doing my happy dance as he likes to say!  Usually staying up late on Fridays and Saturday 'cause that's when I can accomplish great triumphs in my domestic world, a rude awakening brought me abruptly to my feet, too early this morning, to examine the view from each window for chunks of fallen sky.  A diddly day of no consequences stared back at me through each of the eight windows.  A certain calico dropping from great heights to the counter top below, like a lead weight, is high on the suspicion list.

Belladonna Leaves
They'll die to the ground & flowers will appear mid-summer.

Crossroads of Water and Electricity

Eroded Opening
Lucky Find at a Construction Site

Lilliput Iris

Patio Moss in Concrete Cracks

Just talking about myself, political incorrectness and all; been working on flattening a pooched out tummy and shedding more poundage from my expanded bod.  Almost every piece of constructed fabric in my closet fits me now...YAHOO!!!  There's still more to loose so the knees are hunky dory and the heart is doing a happy dance of it's own.  I've had to face the skeletons in my cupboard and wrestle them to the ground in a choke hold. They come up for air every once in a while and I treat myself to the glory of trashy comfort know...Pepsi' cream :)     

Seed Heads on ? Plant 

Tangled Web of Joe Pye Weed Stems
Ants live in the hollow stems during winter.

Silverstream Tulip
Not my favorite, but the only one that keeps coming back.

A Bit of Sunshine for a Dreary Day

Realizing a baggy cat lady will be my impending image after I drop more poundage and nothing fits in a cloud nine type of way,  I've been on a quest to find the impossible in a world where possibilities only exist if you don't miss the boat.  It seems like my Levi's boat up and sunk.  Jean favorites of all cotton with a touch of elasticity have flown the coop and the cottons with a heavy dose of polyester, rayon, and triple elasticity have rushed in to claim their space :(  The weekend has been endless searches to unearth any coveted products that have not sold out yet on any remote shopping sites.  Will Vic empathize with the fact that a cluttered disaster of a home was less important than my fanny?

Oak Leaves are Falling from the Trees

Foam Flower Leaf with Winter Color

I Spy You!

Native Honeysuckle
Waiting for warmer weather to fatten up the leaves once again.

Been a little hermit in my cozy rags this dreary weekend.  Time's flying and the thought of a journey to the grocery store is dying with disinterest as darkness awaits on the horizon.  I suppose a second evening of old fashioned oats with thawed blueberries, two fried eggs, and a small mixed greens salad isn't all that bad...I guess.  I do have thoughts of fried Italian sweet sausages  in my head...mmmmmm...maybe I'll get dressed...maybe.   

Lily Seed Pod

Hickory Nut Shell

Allegheny Spurge

Sweet Bay Magnolia among the Ash

Taking down the last Christmas decorations tonight, hehehe...the walls look quite barren at the moment with all that glitz and glitter stuffed into cardboard boxes for another year, or in my case for another seven months ;)  Taking sporadic days off work here and there for the next three weeks 'cause I hate vacations that are really vacations.  Did you buy that?  A little bit of smoke exits my ears anytime I dwell too long on the fact that I am a one person office, and the others aren't interested in making my life easier by helping out when I'm absent.  Not relishing a repeat of last years fiasco when I didn't show up for two weeks and then it took me the entire third week to untangle the mess, I'll be going to work once in a while this vacation :(  C'est la vie.  

I'm Lacey,
I approve this post >^-^<

Friday, March 13, 2015

Mind Rush

My mind's blank as a world void of light.  I thought as soon as death stares straight into ones eyes at close range, it's been said that the life one's living makes a rush inventory of all you want and don't want to remember.  It can't help itself.

It's a lie.

With rain's coming down all around you; your glance from the speedometer, logging 55 mph, back up to the road in front of you is mesmerizing as two bright headlights accelerating at super sonic speed the wrong way in your lane while the other lane is a line of closely following hunks of metal...really...all your thoughts are shifting within 1/100th of a second into survival mode.

With the two seconds you have ending fast and no time to break, you jerk the steering wheel to the right knowing if you go too far you'll probably take a flying flip when your tires hit the mud, but if you don't go far enough you'll definitely be a mangled splotch on the asphalt.  You don't even remember the car flying past you in your lane as you steer back onto the roadway feeling lucky the other driver didn't come up with the same solution you did.

Thoughts of the car that was behind you took a nosedive into never never land until you reach the next stop light and take a long deep breath, but there never was a loud explosion of metal destroying metal so you pray everything was okay.

You neck feels fuzzy and numb, your upper teeth are starting to ache, and the beginnings of a headache grows as if an invisible vice is slowly tightening its grip around your head.  A visit to the chiropractor to nudge the knots back into place, a steamy hot cup of coffee and cream, and bed rest with that memory foam neck cradling pillow, and you're good to go.

Don't I wish.  

Maybe the aura of feeling better will gradually encompass me by morning...maybe.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Jamie Files - Tale 6 Conversations with a Cat

Why do you call me stinkbug?

It's a term of endearment.


For someone who acts like a cross between a saber-toothed tiger and a's the best I could come up with.

What's a gerbil?

It's just one of the fifty shades of Jamie.


How's your day going so far this morning, my little stinkb kitty?

A good workout chasing around with Lacey.  Did you know she can run almost as fast as me?

Chasing around with?  From observation, I think around with should be obliterated from that sentence.  Do you ever tire of all the hissing, clawing and biting when you over run or run over her?

It's a bonus.

You do realize you're on the receiving end...right?

Small price to pay for the sheer exhilaration of it all.

Okay, stink pot...

Are you calling me a toilet, mommy awesome?

Awesome...ha-ha-ha...I might believe it if you said awful.

Awesome, mommy, awesome...let's play chase again like we did that one morning before you left for work.  It was AWESOME!

Okay...little stinkeroo...when you nabbed that pouch out of my tote bag that held part of my lunch?

Yes!  Yes!!  Yes!!!  The most fun I've had with you yelling and trying to grab me!  Let's do it again...pretty please.

I didn't feel much merriment drifting my way in that little fiasco.

It doesn't have to be meat, mommy neato...see, I'm beginning to talk just like you.  We could use vitamin pills like the day before when I found that treasure hiding in your open purse.  That chase was awesome, too. You're the neatest mommy ever!


I'm off to find out where Lacey is hiding, then I'll be back for your next hide and seek and run for your life adventure, mommy precious.

Somehow I've raised a sweet little monster...!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dear Person Looking at Me in the Mirror,

It's difficult to feel loved at times...

friends move away, one by one -

disappearing from the face of the earth.

Long distance pals drop out of touch;

while others lead such fulfilled lives

that you've been nudged far,

far, very far to one side. 

One works constantly

not finding time for herself, let alone you.

Another moved to the far side of somewhere, 

and it feels like the end of eternity

when you travel that distance -

it just doesn't happen very often.

A few moved off into the solar system

and you'll visit them never again.

Your significant other

still resides in timbuktu this year;

and family,

those who love you most, they say -

you wind up always visiting them...

not them visiting you.

It's truly difficult feeling loved at times.








Happy Birthday to me :)


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