Friday, March 13, 2015

Mind Rush

My mind's blank as a world void of light.  I thought as soon as death stares straight into ones eyes at close range, it's been said that the life one's living makes a rush inventory of all you want and don't want to remember.  It can't help itself.

It's a lie.

With rain's coming down all around you; your glance from the speedometer, logging 55 mph, back up to the road in front of you is mesmerizing as two bright headlights accelerating at super sonic speed the wrong way in your lane while the other lane is a line of closely following hunks of metal...really...all your thoughts are shifting within 1/100th of a second into survival mode.

With the two seconds you have ending fast and no time to break, you jerk the steering wheel to the right knowing if you go too far you'll probably take a flying flip when your tires hit the mud, but if you don't go far enough you'll definitely be a mangled splotch on the asphalt.  You don't even remember the car flying past you in your lane as you steer back onto the roadway feeling lucky the other driver didn't come up with the same solution you did.

Thoughts of the car that was behind you took a nosedive into never never land until you reach the next stop light and take a long deep breath, but there never was a loud explosion of metal destroying metal so you pray everything was okay.

You neck feels fuzzy and numb, your upper teeth are starting to ache, and the beginnings of a headache grows as if an invisible vice is slowly tightening its grip around your head.  A visit to the chiropractor to nudge the knots back into place, a steamy hot cup of coffee and cream, and bed rest with that memory foam neck cradling pillow, and you're good to go.

Don't I wish.  

Maybe the aura of feeling better will gradually encompass me by morning...maybe.

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