Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dear Person Looking at Me in the Mirror,

It's difficult to feel loved at times...

friends move away, one by one -

disappearing from the face of the earth.

Long distance pals drop out of touch;

while others lead such fulfilled lives

that you've been nudged far,

far, very far to one side. 

One works constantly

not finding time for herself, let alone you.

Another moved to the far side of somewhere, 

and it feels like the end of eternity

when you travel that distance -

it just doesn't happen very often.

A few moved off into the solar system

and you'll visit them never again.

Your significant other

still resides in timbuktu this year;

and family,

those who love you most, they say -

you wind up always visiting them...

not them visiting you.

It's truly difficult feeling loved at times.








Happy Birthday to me :)



  1. The story of our lives.....people change, move away, die....and there we are alone. It's good to be your own friend too and be open to new friends.


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