Sunday, December 9, 2012

...with dreams of sugar plums dancing in my head

It's that time of year
-when magic's in the air.

         The Story of the Holly Sprig
         - Arthur Upson, St. Nicholas Magazine,
                c. 1907, Words to a song)

              "I'd be the shiniest green,"
              Wished once a sprig of holly,
              "That e'er at Yule was seen,
              And deck some banquet jolly!"

              "I'd be the cheeriest red,"
              Wished once the holly-berry,
              "That e'er at board rich spread
              Helped make the feasters merry!"

              The life within them heard
              Down dark and silent courses,
              For each wish is a word
              To those fair-hidden sources.

              All Summer in the wood
              While they were riper growing,
              The deep roots understood
              And helped without their knowing.

              In a little market stall
              At Yule the sprig lay waiting,
              For fine folk one and all
              Passed by that open grating.

              The Eve of Christmas Day
              It had been passed by many,
              When one turned not away
              And bought it for a penny.

              Hers was a home of care
              Which not a wreath made jolly;
              The only Christmas there
              Was that sweet sprig of holly.

              "Oh, this is better far
              Than banquet!" thought the berry;
              The leaves glowed like a star
              And made the cottage merry!

My Christmas Letter

Throwing cares away for even a day would be delightful, but this phenomenon of sweet innocence is reserved solely for children and pets that are deeply loved.  My own personal world orbits around me warmed by my happiness or cooled in my despair.  It is nurtured by my attitude; whether it is uplifting or downtrodden, positive or oppressive.

My household reflects the heart of me.  It is the measure of who I am.  I want it to shine outward as a thousand burning suns and to glow within as a new moon starry night.  I persevere on my journey to create a quality of existence that soars to the heavens for each gift of life that enters in. It's not a passage to be taken lightly.

As a child I had others to protect me, but as an adult I am the protector, and invincibility has never found its place by my side.  I stumble, I fall down, and I get back up and move on.  I've learned that life is not forged for the faint of heart, for it thrives on the backs of those who take chances.

I feel nostalgic this holiday season, as I sit at work reflecting on whatever drifts into my thoughts.  It's hard to quiet my soul and patiently wait for the minute and hour hand to get unstuck and fly around to that 4:30 mark and freedom; freedom to go home and fry up breakfast for dinner, and remove the clutter to make way for all that glitzy holiday menagerie of decorations.

Christmas is...well it's Christmas; but each of those 24 days leading up to that 25th day we all celebrate in so many different ways, well...they're all simply magical.

Merry Christmas and love this holiday season!

Yvonne and Vic
Our feline trio: Zoe, Andee, and Lacey
A dog named Dustin

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