Sunday, October 29, 2023

A coax of wind, and the leaves will fall as autumn reaches its glory.

As I look up from my front porch.


Today is the expression of all that is good in this little garden.  It’s late in the year, but still the sun warms as an artic cooling has begun slowly sweeping the hilltops up north down towards us.  Today I’m watching a cheeky little chickadee drink at the birdbath, a bit leery, then poof, out of sight, off to another adventure.  Late autumn decided to become late spring, so here I am watering a parched garden to keep some of the fall colors from vanishing so terribly fast.

My podiatrist has given me until early November to find shoes that will help with all the cushion of fat that has disappeared from the bottom of my feet, especially my right foot.  It has turned out to be a task of what one might think purgatory has a hand in.  Impossible is not a word I embrace lightly, but I’m changing my appointment to sometime in January, when hopefully my mission will have been completed.

The flowers that are keeping the pollinators happy in this space are the aromatic and ‘paten’ asters and some tiny white flowered aster that came with the garden and has refused to leave.  The Swamp Sunflower is still going strong, and the tiny and larger pollinators love it.  Although garden books say it’s completely happy in a regular garden, we water it when it begins to sulk, which is often these days.

No mosquitoes, so fantastic not sharing my space with them today.  My deck is a carpet of leaves, mostly green, yellow and brown; but occasionally a red one makes an appearance.  I love it when a noisy chirper flies into the garden, but out of sight.  Since a bird can make so many different sounds, I’m often clueless unless I see it with my own eyes. 

Just a blur and it flew into the healthy Blackhaw Viburnum that is dripping with the darkest of blue berries, the viburnum that shares its space with the American Dogwood under the old White Ash Tree.  The sprinkler is beneath the viburnum, so it may be taking advantage of the shower of water droplets.

The rustle of leaves in the great oak trees that are beginning to turn yellow becomes quite noticeable when a wave of air rushes through the garden and on to the neighbors.  The smaller wind chime clanks away as it hangs from the umbrella handle on the patio. 

It wants to sing, but we are stumped as to where it may go to create that melody not too far away from us, but not to close to the bird boxes.  It was near the dogwood, but after many years the branches intertwined with it and quieted its song.  We’ll sort it out before Christmas.  I’m almost positive about that… almost. 

I smell a smoky barbecue going on with the neighbors behind us as they converse with each other loudly.  Perhaps it’s good that I don’t understand them, that they are just ‘talk’ to mingle with the road traffic. 

Time to move the sprinkler to the damp garden, but as I stand under this huge white ash tree, the breezes pick up and a light shower of never-ending yellow leaves begins to rain down upon me as I gaze, mesmerized.  The beauty is astounding.  I could stand here forever.  OUCH!!!  

What one sometimes forgets, I guess that is me, is that a white ash leaf is a compound of leaves attached to a stem called a petiole.  After each leaf has fallen to the ground, also must the petiole at some point in time. Mine hit my head like an arrow shot from the tree itself.  It still smarts.

Nature keeps giving and giving, as at this moment, the neighboring oak trees are being infiltrated with grackles, more and more noisy grackles.  If they are here, then they are mobbing my bird feeder as well.  Carpenter bees try to collect nectar from the crocus, but crocus only offer pollen… no nectar.  Sad watching them, trying over and over again.

This thing called autumn, dresses in its finest, which… in actuality, is leaves dying; and we can see that death has never looked so heavenly beautiful.  And underneath that blanket we sometimes call doom; that time when beauty has turned black, the earth is busy in regeneration.   Life is always getting along with business as usual.

I’m going to leave you here in this moment to be thankful that I have run out of words.  When I find an accent in time that begs to be photographed, I seldom turn away from the opportunity, unless I wish to soak it all up and selfishly keep it for myself only.  Naughty me. 

I’ve been naughty a lot lately 😊

Hover Fly in Crocus

Hover Fly on Swamp Sunflower


Crocus 'Goulimyi'

I have never seen this type of Hover Fly before.
Look at how long it's back legs are.

Maybe a Black-shouldered Drone Fly Eristalis dimidiata

Joe Pye Weed seed

Coral Berry, also called Buck Bush

The red leaves are from the dogwood tree.

'Sparkleberry' Winterberry

'Winterthur' Viburnum

Bumblebee on Aromatic Aster
It is on a fresh flower.  The flowers around it are aging.

Bumblebee on Canadian Goldenrod

Carpenter Bee and (I think) a Shield Bug
on Swamp Sunflower.

Carpenter Bees, Bumblebees, and smaller bees
on Canadian Goldenrod


Fothergilla gardenii (red leaves)
Itea virginica 'Saturnalia', Virginia Sweetspire

Cardinal taking a bath in the sprinkler water

Lacewing Larva with the dried up bodies of its food 
carried on its back as camouflage.
If you look at the center of the flower,
you can see the groove where it was hiding before moving.

Leaf-footed Bug
Came out of hiding when I watered the potted plants.

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  1. ...thanks for the up close and personal tour of your garden. Take care and be well.

  2. What beautiful fall colours, berries and flowers!

  3. Hello,
    I like hearing about your garden, all the bees and insects must be happy there.
    Pretty captures of the Cardinal. The Coralberry is a lovely plant, the berries a beautiful color. Your flowers are pretty, a nice variety. The leaves are falling, now we have a carpet of leaves, acorns and pine cones all around our home. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a wonderful week!

  4. It's a beautiful time of year...cooler with wildflowers galore. Love your Cardinal through the leaves!

  5. The bees, beetles and leaves are so gorgeous

  6. Gorgeous captures and wonderful narration.

  7. I love autumn.
    The leaves are beautiful in color.
    The flowers and bees are beautiful too.
    I enjoyed your photos.
    Greetings Irma

  8. Lucy Maude Montgomery wisely said, “I am glad to live in a world with Octobers.” So am I!

  9. Hello Yvonne :=)
    Beautifully written piece about October in your garden, and lovely photos illustrating the colourful beauty of fallen leaves and the changing colours of leaves yet to fall. I enjoy my visits to your garden so full of flowers and of wildlife. I wish my October had been as pleasant as yours. It has rained heavily since the beginning of October and there is not a sign of wildlife anywhere. They are in hiding and I have not ventured outside. I don't usually say this but "Good Riddens October." It's my daughter's 60th birthday today, The best thing that has happened this October, but her birthday celebration is only on Saturday when all the family can come for lunch. Please forgive my ramblings.
    All the best

  10. Love the close-up photos of the bees and beetles. Wonderful photos and narrative. Have a great week.

  11. This sounds about as tranquil and gorgeous as anything could possibly be. Your words -- so eloquent and expressive. And the photos back up every work with glorious visuals. I love them all!

  12. "I smell a smoky barbecue going on with the neighbors behind us" -- isn't it funny how neighbors' cooking can affect us. We often smell barbecue but a couple of days ago, we smelled curry, and it was so tempting that we went home and cooked our own curry dinner!

    Nice flowers.
    best, mae at

  13. Dear Yvonne,
    Thank you for your lovely comment, and your feelings are totally reciprocated as it is very nice to know you too. :=) The photo you refereed to is the "Holly Oak" and is a Mediterranean tree.

  14. Wonderful impressions for autumn. I enjoyed this at

  15. Only yesterday and today have our leaves begun to fall. But why do they collect around doorways making me go outside and try to sweep them up when they are wet through and refuse to give in to the sweeping brush? I think I will wait a day or two and hope they dry out.

  16. Oh how nice that there are still so many insects in the garden so late in the year. I looked at them all very carefully. Wow, the hoverfly with its long legs is an acrobat? I think all the bees look pretty, I love them. I'm amazed because the bug beetle has very strong legs. What does he need it for? It's a shame, soon the world will be quieter again and after autumn, winter is on the way.

  17. Dear Yvone,
    Your verbal and photographed autumn impressions are again very nice. Melancholic, but beautiful. And the cardinal taking a shower is a funny sight :-DD The hoverfly with the long hind legs is perhaps an immigrant?
    I'm sorry to read that you're having trouble finding shoes. Are there no insoles with gel cushions inside that compensate for the missing fat cushions? (If necessary, order online. That would be my method of choice if there is nothing else useful.)
    All the best, warm hugs and a cozy November weekend!
    πŸ‚πŸƒπŸπŸƒ πŸ‚
    PS: I can't believe you're a naughty girl!

  18. Hi Yvonne, It was a pleasure to stop by Perfection, More or Less, today. My routine was to scroll through the photos, slowly, taking them in, and then scroll back up to read Dreamy … As I was scrolling back up, I took notice of a neat design feature you have, which appears to be a selection of some of your favorite images in a column on the right side of the page. That is really neat. Now, getting on to Dreamy … “No mosquitoes, so fantastic not sharing my space with them today.” You always manage to come up with something that puts a smile on my face. As you did with your last line … “I’ve been naughty a lot lately.” I’ll be smiling all day. Thanks for another great post! John

  19. Stunning nature photography ~ cardinal ones are my favorite ~ plus you write so well about your garden ~ what a powerful delight to read ~ thanks, Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  20. Lovely to visit your garden in autumn. So much life and beauty going on that we ordinarily miss if we don't take the time to stop and see. So hard to believe this year is almost over, but wonderful to see nature still going about its business before winter sets in. Beautiful photos! x K

  21. I love all your fall color.
    I hope you find some shoes that work for you.

  22. Absolutely stunning your autumn photos, lovely Yvonne.

  23. fantastic colors .... beautiful autumn....
    enjoy seeing your photos.... thank you for sharing....

  24. How beautiful the Cardinal is! It seems that he looks at you with reproach: you photograph him when he takes a shower! πŸ˜ƒ
    It's a wonderful garden! You have perfectly captured Nature's transition from life to... hibernation. 😊
    I wish you good health! All the best! πŸ’•


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