Friday, October 29, 2010

All Hallow's Eve Night

In the darkened night,
earth delivers fright,
of creepy crawlies,
goolies and bullies,
and all the nastys,
evil so delights...

Midnight hour tolls,
hair stands up on end,
I'm poised on my toes,
body tensing in fear,
a touch in the dark,
screams all the way home!

Halloween's just hype,
we all know that...right?
I see what's not there,
it's all in my head,
so why this feeling,
danger follows me?

At home locked up tight,
the whispers, the moans,
the beats of my heart,
I'm smothered in noise,
from this night save me,
anyone, I plead.

Nightmares give me fright,
things cannot be right,
when monsters I sight,
by my bed tonight,
then covers pulled tight,
with all of my might.

I want my mommy!!!

Thoughts, in short lines, under each other.  Any resemblance to poetry is purely in your head.  All rhyming is merely coincidental.  Gather 'round my little pumpkins and have either a delightfully frightful, or a frightfully delightful All Hallow's Eve Night.

 and a bit of nonsense.


O, thou round, savored morsel
That betwixt my teeth should crumble
Better still if thou were spared
 To ornate my platter in royal state
But alas, my creature of raisins and oats
To bear thy countenance growing stale
Would be too cruel a suffering
While my stomach groans and ails.


Spotted 'bove my window ledge

dangling through his raveled web,

trapped within my cubical

of sanitary obstacles,

decayed, he waits upon the thread.


  1. Fun post. Thank you for visiting!

  2. Now that is a GREAT ode to Halloween!!!

  3. You write entertaining things....I have become a follower...and please stay off of Harley's...the Boss has two, I rode on one of them once...helmut was too big...half way down the street he was going so fast the helmut managed to work it's way across my face and I almost lost my nose with the strap.....I made him turn around and take me right home...all two blocks...haven't been on it since....
    but on a horrible note a friend of mine's DIL lost her mother last year when she was on the highway sitting behind her boyfriend (these were 50 yr old people) and it was one of those huge Harley's and a deer ran out in front of them...needless to say she flew off and was killed....I am not a fan of motorcyles....

  4. Loved the bit about the spider! That was a fun post.

  5. I'll have a pint of what you're drinking! ;-)


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