Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dinner in Bed

On my lap, off my lap 5 seconds later;
he's telling me he wants to eat.
Sniff food on plate in kitchen,
turn and walk towards bedroom;
he's telling me he wants room service.
Sniff at plate of food on floor in bedroom,
look up at me and just sit there;
he's telling me he wants dinner in bed.
What a life!!!
I should be so lucky.


  1. That looks like hubby's plate after his third helping of Christmas dinner!

  2. Oooaw. That's cute. Is that your elderly cat? Mine is getting special food and she INSISTS that it be given to her in a special place - not where the normal milk and kibble goes. So of course, I am STRONG, I deny her wish - for the 30 seconds it takes me to fetch the bowl!

  3. whoa, that's one spoiled kitty! I love it!

  4. MM - that's Jesse, 16 1/2 years. Every cat I've had gets this way in older age. I figure he's earned the right to eat where ever he pleases after that many years, plus most of the time it's the only way I can get him to eat enough to not be just skin and bones. He's my sweetie.

  5. Can you come to my house later today? Am feeling the need for dinner in bed too.

    In the alternative, you are just one lovely big hearted softy!

  6. What a life indeed! Such a sweet baby... not to be denied.
    My cats rule the house and I wouldn't have it any other way. :-))
    (My word verification is "pheur". How cool is that?!

  7. PAMO - That is so super cool. Great to have you stop by!

  8. Really precious cat! I read your bio and love your taste in movies. It is a rare person that has even heard of Enchanted April. Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a comment.


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