Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Whole Lot of Nothing


A whole lot of nothing.

Sigh, sigh, sigh...

My head's empty.

Not empty of stuff to dwell on in words.  Just empty of stuff I feel like typing out any kind of words on at all.

Miss my Jesse terribly, miss my husband too terribly.

Jack Rat Terrier pines for Ms. Carol who walks him every day.

Andee cat makes appearances at computer time, dinner time, and five minutes at bedtime.

Miss Zoe's a figment of my imagination, only reassuring me that she is real when two blurs speed by...a tabby one losing ground fast to a black one out to kill.

I'm forced to continue the photo shoots of the gardens, as nature and weather could care less what I would like them to be, and they wait for no one, especially me.  A missed week could mean a year to wait for next chance of a specific burst of blooms.

Gardens have stopped their quest to smother everything, meekly tucking in for the long haul of scorching, rainless, yet still unbearably humid HEAT.  It's just June 4...I think I'll be tucking in for the long haul myself come July and August.

Does anyone in the south ever really look forward to above 100 degree weather even once during any summer?  I'm realizing this year could be multiple 100 degree days, and that has me doing cartwheels and somersaults of hysteria.  Alright already...I'm thinking it anyway.  If I exerted my bodacious body today in this high 90's sauna, I'd be clocking out of life on the fast track.

Isn't this the weather we long for the most in the middle of winter, and the weather we loathe beyond puking in the middle of summer?  Is there never any pleasing us?

What's bold enough to bloom in an explosion of brilliant color under fiery sun, and laugh at cracks forming in the clay under blistering bathing beauties roasting away in that breathless air of lovely toaster oven warmth...I raise my glass of ice packed frigid water in a toast to all you tenacious little squirts who have never even thought of that word "impossible".

Clematis viticella 'Abundance'

Bottlebrush Grass

Daylily 'Mary Ellen'

New Jersey Tea

Butterfly Weed

Arbor husband put together and secured in prairie gardens,
during his vacation in the states

Coneflower 'White Swan'
Siamese Twins

Asiatic Hybrid Longiflorum Lily 'My Fair Lady'

Native Passion Flower

Arbor husband put together and secured to patio,
during his vacation in the states

Swamp Rose

Viburnum nudum 'Winterhur'
with pollen covered little black beetle

Those little buggers are still making whoopie.

Sideoats Grama Grass blooming

Daylily 'Todd Monroe'

Veronica 'Goodness Grows'

Fragrant Sumac

Shrubby Hypericum

Southern Highbush Blueberry 'Sunshine Blue'
plus Northern Highbush Blueberries

White Gaura with insect 

Purple Coneflower - Echinacea pupurea

Tennessee Coneflower - petals do not curve backwards

Balloon Flower ready to open

Opened Balloon Flower with friend

Front Screen Door


  1. Whoa, those bugs making whoopie look big! Sick.

    I've had writer's block, myself, for the past few weeks. I finally just posted again. I guess it helps to keep writing even if you don't feel like it.

  2. Great garden photos! The plants will like the arbors and this will give your garden a more vertical, larger appearance! I could use some of your weather here. Still cold and rainy, the corn is rotting.

  3. Oh yes, how we whined about when is summer coming even though we don't have much of a winter here in Fl.. we still have to whine about it. You know,,, just for the heck of it..
    Love those photos ,, still going to do a painting of some.. .. "artist block' but getting some inspiration from them... BJ

  4. Amazing photos! I don't like 100, or even 90 degree weather, either!

  5. you've got great garden shots.
    i live in the south too & i'm so glad our cicadas have finally shut up, though they're still all over the place. there are so many half eaten ones lying around.
    the heat is outrageous & i NEVER look forward to it. it makes me sweat just to think about it even when i'm indoors.

  6. Great pics! Lovely flowers (and we can't forget the pets on the right side bar). Too cute!

    I'm a new follower from the over 40 hop! Nice to meet you! Hope you can hop over to my blog too!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Yvonne- PAMO here. I've crashed and burned in blog land. Yep- it's true. Contact me via my website: if you'd like a complimentary copy of my zine. (Hopefully by August.) It's a gift from me for my art friends.
    Take care! I've enjoyed your work.


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