Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Troubled dreams...

I had one last night...you know, not a nightmare, but definitely not a fun time.  I was out shopping with someone.  She looked like no one I know, perhaps a conglomeration of all the females in my life, perhaps not...maybe a younger version of me...who knows. 

She was trying on bras, in the middle of the aisle (you know how a dream can go where ever it wants), and she had an older male clerk's full attention in answering all her NUMEROUS self-centered questions.  She asked me nothing, she could care less if I had input on the subject or an opinion of my own, or if it would be more reliable than her straight faced perfection of a clerk.

I could have been a naked Madonna, and I would still have been oblivious to them both.  If I had been a moth on the floor he would have pressed his polished Italian leather shoe onto me grinding every speck of my existence into a smudge on the tile.

The store seemed to be void of everyone but us three.  I was in a shopping mood myself, I had questions to be answered and was in need of someone to ring up a sale, I could solicit no one's attention, and I tried everything to get my friend or this clerk to pay attention to me.  I was being ignored BIG TIME.

I left with nothing.  My friend left with her bras.

I woke up to the alarm pounding home the fact that I had to drag myself out of bed to welcome another day of THE JOB.  As the faint reminiscent of that dream lingered on, I thought if there was even a smidgen of redemption in all of mankind, I would have miraculously morphed into a tacky moist wad of chewing gum just as his Italian leather pressed hard against me.

A previous occurrence here and there in my lifetime, changing scenarios and players, this dream manifests itself when person or persons insist on invalidating my feelings, thoughts, knowledge, wisdom, or existence...those all-about-me ones who can only think of themselves when I need empathy, sympathy, or support.

Those ones who flip what I just said and expect me to empathize, sympathize, or support them...those ones who make my all-about-me all-about-them before I have even finished uttering my last word.


I need people turning purple for a day when they can't get beyond themselves.  I need the purple to get more and more vivid each time a selfish invalidation is uttered from their lips.  A few would be neon, shout-out-loud, blast ones eyeballs to the moon, radiation blinding PURPLE, announcing to the hemisphere, troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere and beyond what buggers or boogers they are.  Just saying... 


  1. Dreams do mean something even when you can't make a connection,, it is something that is IN THERE.
    I have a recurring dream through out my life.
    and a fear of being in a building stairwell.
    You know those 'take the stairs instead of the elevator ? " steps, handrails, and concrete.

  2. OMG! Y,,, I think I just turned PURPLE!!! Yes I did!!! BJ

  3. Love the cartoon. Some people are just like that.
    That is the type of dream that would stick with me.

  4. Barbra Joan - hahaha, so funny today. You're just a lovely shade of lavender.

    Ruth - some of these people seem to be regular fixtures in my life, they come with the territory, so to speak. I guess this dream will stay glued in my head for all eternity :(

  5. Unfortunately, human nature is generally all about me. I think that is why people blog, we validate ourselves everyday and complete strangers stop in an leave a kind word.

  6. my little sister had a dream encyclopida (spelled wrong i know, where is that spelling check when you need it???) and she would look up every strange, normal, scary dream she had. it was pretty fun for a while, but it was based on Freud, so everything would eventualy come down to sex. When we found that out it wasn't so funny anymore... haha

    Thanks for the great post!

  7. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, then you take the cigar and you beat ver the head anyone in the dream that is getting on your nerves. I think that's what Freud meant to say...lol

  8. Trying on bras in the middle of the aisle...? What store was that in? I'm goin' shoppin'!

  9. Aren't dreams strange. I have recurring ones, and then I have some that seem to come out of nowhere, but then I realize it was affected by the book I was reading when I fell asleep!


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