Saturday, March 17, 2012

10, 9, 8, 7, 6...

A bit of frivolity as I give my noggin a rest from trying to conjure up my next Panama saga installment, a feat that is appearing harder to accomplish than sitting non-comatose in a dentist chair for seven hours straight listening to all that drilling and smelling those teeth burning.  

Stuff that is a bit hard for me to embrace with open arms.
  • Boiled Okra - a veggie only slime lover's embrace.
  • Cold Coffee - without a microwave, I'm one of those people who make five cups of coffee just to be able to drink a full cup of steaming hot brew each morning.
  • Cleaning a Toilet's Innards - almost an incentive to quit eating.
  • Sewer Gas - have you ever been forced to stay at THE JOB for 8 hours smelling this stuff?
  • Seed Ticks - ever look down at your sandaled feet while standing on a mulched hiking trail to horrifyingly see a brigade of these tiny critters rushing up your legs?  Need I say more?
  • Upchucked Cat Hairball - ever step on one of these things?  Blood curdling cries have been heard miles away when this happens!
  • Stuffed Up Nose - murderous trying to sleep with a plugged nose and waking up with an impossible to swallow dry mouth, although it's an envious plus in a sewer gas situation.
  • Heartburn - the older I get the more I burn.  Someone has a demented sense of humor on this award for a life lived long.
  • Doggie and Kitty Butt Scoot Marks on Floor - somebody hurry up and invent a potty tissue for pets, and a manual for training.  I once blamed husband for his dragging shoe scuff marks on kitchen floor, only to later catch a fuzz ball's furry butt in action...not an enjoyable revelation :'(
  • Onion Soup Stinkers - something worse than sewer gas!

Weather in the 80's, rain mushy flooded gardens, I've had one
#%*&# of an afternoon.  Five minutes after snapping pics under the bare ash tree of my colony of lilliput tulips, something was crawling up my back.  Twisting my arm around under my shirt I grabbed it with my fingernails...TICK!!!  It's way too early for worrying about ticks, the garden exploding in green, having to poison the dog with his tick killing Trifexis, and spraying down my pant legs and shoes with pyrethrin.  Good Grief!  It's only the middle of March.  I haven't even decided which plants I want to order for spring planting...spring planting is usually another month from now.  I downloaded my pics and they're gone...poofed out of existence...a figment of my could that be?  I made myself tick bait for nothing!  I'm going to bed, pull the covers over my head, and pretend it's still winter.


  1. I just ordered plants myself and was surprised to see they will not arrive until mid to late April and even possibly early May. We've had 80+ days here lately too and I came home yesterday to suddenly popped up daffodils and a bush overflowing with yellow flowers. I swear there was nothing there the day before yesterday.

  2. A list of a lot of disgusting stuff, I agree. I just hope spring is not as short as winter was. Last summer was 110 and drought. I can wait a long time for that to return.
    I just stopped by from BPOTW and I joined to be a supporter. Hope you visit mine.

  3. It is overly warm in Georgia also, leading to mosquitoes, fleas, & ticks as well. I am itching to plant our garden, Doodle keeps saying it is too early. I am in complete disagreement and went ahead and planted new bulbs that if they pop up will be perfect. Enjoy the weather, I have a feeling summer is going to be dreadfully HOT!


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