Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Brutal today...

snow plummeting sideways...
33...31...28 and still falling -
a smorgasbord of birds
red, blue, rust
feed among the dead grass
covered in soft white flakes
stick a little...
melt a little...
stick a little more
roar of wind through trees
awesomely foreboding
of worse still looming
in the distance -
winter's dug in
getting nowhere fast
time to warm icy toes
by the fireplace with care
and fire up the kettle
for a steamy hot cup
of Lady Grey tea.

Difficult waking up to no one...I'll see him again for a brief two weeks in six months, but still...it is quite painful.  He flew out on a holiday; warm, jacket only, January weather....like the heavens knew he was special and paved his path with warmth and light.  He arrived at Dulles safely and flew out before sunset yesterday for Dubai.  That was all I knew until opening his email message tonight and finding him tucked in for the night safely in Dubai.  Tomorrow will be Baghdad, then who knows what next.  I miss him.



  1. You will get back in a routine in no time, I know. I hope your husband stays safe!!

  2. Six months? Hopefully time will go by fast.
    It is too cold. I am enjoying some tea right now.


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