Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Year Mr. Grinch Spirited Away My Christmas Gift

Winter solstice...this day forward the sun will progressively hang onto the end of the day a little bit longer until it shakes hands with its opposite, summer solstice.  My soul rejoices at the prospects of more and more daylight as the months pass out of my life.  I'm sitting here eating raw pepitas...pumpkin seeds...raw because raw is better, but raw pepitas are not a joy to my taste buds.  They are an acquired taste that's taking a bit of acquiring...okay, a lot of acquiring.

I've whittled my weight down twenty-five pounds simply by creating a better ratio between the carbohydrates and fats I'm eating...less bad carbs...more beneficial fats.  Another 20 pounds of loss would be the icing on the cake, but I've settled back into my old habit of finding it completely impossible to survive a full day at work without one of those Pepsi bottles by my's so exasperating!

Thinking about past Christmas's, because sometimes that's what I do best...torture myself...I'm reminded of the worst Christmas present I've ever received in my entire life and it's quite recent.  Well, recent by my standards; because with almost 68 years tucked under my belt, recent can be as little as ten years ago.

A more prosperous decade; I know, we were most likely in denial at the time...I received a very nice gift certificate from husband for the Liz Claiborne Outlet Store.  Decades earlier, Liz Claiborne clothing was high quality and a favorite, although almost unaffordable favorite, of mine. She was my standby when only looking like a million dollars would do.

Liz clothing for the common not so broke middle class lady was sort of affordable in the upper class department stores during sales events; but this gift was specifically for the outlet store with its abundance of almost correctly made wearing apparel.  Driving twenty miles to the store and overwhelmed by the dismal offerings in my size, I realized this piece of colorless paper with the $$$'s printed on it was totally flushed down the toilet before I even opened up my gift :'(

Husband, on the other hand, along only for the outing; found a great looking jacket that was whispering ever so annoyingly constantly to him...Come on Big Boy; I look g-r-e-a-t on you.  Buy me buy me buy me. That Oh! You can't use it? I can! Grinch beamed with his acquisition of two presents that year, mine and his.



You're still on my bad list, Grinch Victor, and your sidekick Dustin Hoffman Dog is running a close second with his poop pooping ways on the bedroom floor!  Give me a cat any day...I L-O-V-E CATS!  Well, let's just leave it at I'll love cats again after the two fluff balls finish duking it out over who's top queen in their pecking order.  Hopefully the dust settles within a year or two.


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  1. Loved your post brought a smile ..
    Thank you for your kind thoughts ... meant a lot ..
    Barbra Joan


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