Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Ant under the Leaf

His world can turn upside
down so easily.  It happened
again yesterday when a 
human hand lifted the mat
of dried ash and crocus leaves
covering his home, clearing
the small area for a young
penstemon plant.

Swarming, they were
allowed to relocate
with their newborn under
the leaf debris a little further
away, as no mist drifted down
from the heavens freezing them
into withering curled up corpses.
He was lucky.

Of course, he doesn't perceive
it that way.  He was exposed
and defied the odds of death
over life one more day.
Night comes and passes, and
the empty patch of ground lays bare, 
as he hides seven ash leaves over
in his new home.

The sun moves low in the afternoon sky,
then hands dig a hole where he had
lived the day before, and fill it
with life of a different sort.  
Magical rain falls only upon the plant,
then all is quiet.  Tomorrow in the 
noon day sun, after the dew drops have
vaporized, he will investigate.


Dancing to a different song

Gone with the old - in with the new

Gardens Re-Invented

Heaven on Earth



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