Saturday, December 26, 2015

A December Tourist in Dubai

Vic's adventures continued...

Well I finally got out and bought a day pass for the train,
and rode it all the way to one end and then to the other.
Saw the Worlds Tallest Building and since it was Friday here,
 nothing is open downtown but the Huge Emirate's Mall...
 so I did some Mall Walking.

This is the mall that has the ski slope,
French bakery's, and various high end stores
and restaurants from all over the world.

Looks like any mall in Nashville :(

Big Cinema and will go back tomorrow to see Star Wars.
There is also a PF Chang, so I will be dining there after the movie.
They have crispy green beans and everything.

Went by a store and saw a Lladro in the window.

This mall is famous for the indoor ski area.  
Was a total ZOO when I was there.

Next day...
Theater was full.
Think I will try some evening during the week.
This is a very up to date mall with a Kiosk you can purchase tickets at,
and a seating chart to show what seats are available.
Almost like buying tickets for the opera.
Everything was full yesterday
and going in today all three theaters were about half full.
I think it will be better during a work evening.

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