Friday, August 16, 2019

My Mother

I grew up with a mother who had a mind of her own and often spoke it, although sometimes quite cruelly.  She was complicated, as we all are with our lives.  I was not fond of her as a child.  She could be quite harsh with no patience for understanding. 

As an adult I began to accept her as she was, perhaps because I could escape from her space when things got too intense.  She was a product of her parent’s lives with all their good and bad, and a survivor of a relationship with my father that was not always kind to her.

Her thoughts in words could at times cut you to the bone, or bring a cloud of melancholy over the festivities; but then there were the times when she seemed genuinely lovely.  It wasn’t until her old age, or more precisely my mature age, that I thought I began to understand parts of the person she really was behind those walls she gradually built a mile high around her.

I never felt loved by her.  As I reminisce these days, I think she did love me in some fashion, although rarely connecting with me in my love language, I seldom felt it.  I had a somewhat closer relationship with her in her later years which softened her enough to cause me great grief when she passed away, but she will always remain an enigma that I never quite solved.

I’ll think of her till the cows come home, as she would fondly say, whenever I’m around flowers; she loved them so much. 

Wild Native Sunflower

Blue Lobelia

Green Sweat Bee on Marjoram 

Solomon's Seal


Male Sweat Bee in Pink Turtlehead Flower

White Beautyberry

Southern Beeblossom with Friend
Blooms at night and fades with the morning


Phlox Jenna with Rudbeckia

Blue Jay Feather

Blackberry Lily with Fly

Pearl Crescent Butterfly with Butterflyweed and Purple Coneflower

Joe-Pye Weed with Green Sweat Bee

Green Sweat Bee

Type of Skipper Butterfly

Green Lynx Spider ambushing passing insect

Challenger Spider Daylily 4' tall

Black Fly

Autumn Minaret Spider Daylily 4' tall 

Rudbeckia with Green Sweat Bee

American Snout Butterfly
about 1" in size

Carpenter Bee

Aaron's Skipper,
Silver-Spotted Skipper,
Cobweb Skipper Butterfly...?
I give up after looking at photos of hundreds of Skipper Butterflies.

End of Day


  1. Wow! I love this collection of beautiful flowers and the excellent macros of insects. Plus the words about your mom. Good stuff!

  2. Yvonne, good to see you and thanks for the visit and comments to my blog.. Love, love the photos of flowers and critters.
    Your writing about your mom is very interesting, and I wonder if she was a Scorpio. Scorpios supposedly have a very sharp tongue. I'm a Scorpio but have none of those traits, so I think maybe I have a lot of Libra.
    I hope your doing alright these days , we don't hear from you all that often.. I too have cut way back on my blogging. Even slowed down on painting. Stay well.
    sending a hug.


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