Wednesday, March 24, 2021

I am the envy of the garden...

Violets - Viola papilionacea priceana

Persian Speedwell (Non-Native)

Celandine Poppy

I find it difficult to photograph these poppies well.

Pink Turtlehead stems and seedpods
New growth starts late

Double Campernelle Daffodil
Old fashion daffodil before people started Hybridizing them.

Allegheny Spurge - Pachysandra procumbens

Tulip Leaf

No longer know the name of this beauty

Old fashion Jonquils with multiple small flowers on each stem

There’s a force in the atmosphere as I stand in the midst of my awakening garden, a roar of air rising in a crescendo as if a thousand lions are in its choir, sweeping rather rudely past me and on down the block.  Of course, it’s just the beginning of restless air pushed in the wake of a thunder storm.  I watch the wildly bending boughs of the huge juniper as it dances in the gusts of increasing intensity, and decide its best to be a little bit more cautious as I watch the sky.

A neighbors riding lawnmower is added to the symphony as he tries to beat the wrath Mother Nature has in store.  The pit bull across the street barks incessantly as his mistress sits on her porch chatting loudly on her cell phone.  The rather cute tiny princess of the corner house puts in her two cents worth barking at the wind as it ruffs up her long black fur, and the thorough fare two houses over spews out speeding cars as if they were in the Daytona 500.  It’s rather noisy to put it mildly.

The joys of rabbits in the weed patch seems to be that they don’t eat daylily leaves, determined after they beheaded one and left the greens on the ground.  Rabbit fencing is on order to place boundaries around baby shrubs that are being nibbled to death, and other plants that are now sporting shaggy haircuts.  Rabbit stew is beginning to look mighty tempting.


It would appear

that no other words

are forthwith coming.  

Creativity took a hike, so I'm moving on over to my other life of fur balls, lint balls and life with that guy who calls himself The Destroyer when gardening.

Until next time...

Fothergilla - part of the witch-hazel family

Sanguinaria canadensis, Bloodroot Wildflower

Meeting its demise :(

American Dogwood baby flowers

What the...

I'm not sharing!

Back off seed lady!

Hey, someone...CALL 911!

I've got my eye on you.  

Asian Bleeding Hearts

Virginia Bluebell buds

Potentilla indica (non-native rather aggressive plant)


  1. The simple pleasures of a garden are hard to overestimate during COVID-19 confinement, when each patch of blooming delight becomes a sanctuary. I started work on spring cleanup yesterday and we had our first lunch on the patio. It was wonderful!

  2. Hello,

    Your garden and flowers are looking beautiful. We are so behind here, signs of spring are just starting to appear. I like hearing the birds singing not the sounds of the neighborhood. We have neighbors that have target practice in their back yard. Take care, have a happy day!

  3. ...thank for this fabulous collection on this rainy morning. I will look forward to seeing many of these in the weeks to come.

  4. Spring has clearly emerged in your world, and isn't it glorious? (Well, maybe not the riding mower or barking sounds but in general, glorious.) My mini-daffs are coming out but the big ones have a few weeks to go, I think. Still, always worth waiting for! Love your squirrel. They really are such fun to watch! I always live in fear my bleeding hearts, which I tried so hard to cultivate, won't return. I haven't seen signs yet and it worries me. I guess if they don't, I'll just start again!

  5. Such gorgeous photos! And I love that poem by Rumi! Did he ever write a bad word? I think not!

  6. I enjoy seeing those further south happily hosting spring! Ours is coming soon...

  7. What a wonderful post. Do you went to a lot of trouble to identify everything which I appreciate. Nice series of pictures. I love the squirrel and your banter with it. Great poem.We are still waiting for spring. The jonquils and the daffodils Have just started to emerge....Looking forward to some slightly warmer temperatures but not a fan of summer heat and the bugs that come with it.Enjoy the rest of your week.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful series of photos, Yvonne! I especially love the squirrel shots!

    Thank you for this delightful peek into your corner of the world!

  9. Your garden is like a glimpse of heaven to me

  10. The garden is wonderful! ❤️ The squirrel seems like a queen there.
    Wonderful pictures!
    In my city, spring is still hidden under the snow. In the neighborhood, for almost an hour a driver has parked and has the engine running... What can I do? I close the window.
    I wish you all the best!

  11. ilove your delicate flower pictures!I think you have a good camera as well

    Very cute and funny little squirrel!!Call 9111 hah hah

    Thanx for sharing!

    You write beautiful :))

    1. I'm glad you enjoy the flowers. I work hard to get what I call perfect photos, because I'm a nut for perfection, and sometimes I succeed. Drives me crazy :) I have a cell phone with a good camera, and this years squirrels have gotten quite used to me.

  12. You created a beautiful post. I enjoyed every part of it.
    Our spring has not some as far as yours but soon I hope to see this in Sweden. :)

  13. A lovely post! I'm so glad it's spring.

  14. What beautiful spring flowers! I love spring! My favorite season.

  15. Hello,

    Your flowers are looking beautiful! I have seen the squirrels here sitting in the same feeder you have there. We had to fence in our garden area because the groundhogs eat everything, maybe a little left overs are for the rabbits. Lovely post and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.

  16. Gorgeous flower photos and I love the cute little squirrel!

  17. We have a squirrel eating under the feeders today. And the new flowers are welcome in Spring and beautiful!

  18. So much wonderful spring color! I don't think I've seen yellow poppies here, they are gorgeous :)

    I'm happy to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week! Thanks for linking up.

  19. Dear Yvonne,
    your garden already gives off a lot of beauty, spring is longer with you than here with me. The daffodils are not yet in bloom in my garden, neither are the violets, nor are the poppies. They are really difficult to photograph, you are right ;-)) - but you did well!
    So cute, the squirrell!
    Haha: "Rabbit stew is beginning to look mighty tempting." - a portion for me too, please! ;-) (But we don't have a rabbit-in-the-garden-problem here. Only snail problems, later in the year)
    Hugs from Austria and happy Easter days,

  20. What a fabulous post, your photographs are so lovely.

    Happy April Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  21. Dearest Yvonne,
    Thank you for your wonderful comment to me. You told me that you were looking for Cornelian Cherry products and that you are curious about their taste. It is true that it cannot be compared to the taste of cherries. Cornelian cherries are tart, sweet and sour. I think you can compare the taste quite well with cranberries.
    Is it still so wet and muddy in your garden? I don't know what the climate in Tennessee is usually like... It's very, very dry here at the moment - that's rather unusual. For a few days it was so warm you could walk around in a t-shirt, then winter came back. Partly with snow, mainly with dry cold. But from tonight it is supposed to rain. I hope so.
    And I hope for you that you had pleasant Easter days, that you can easily distract yourself from pain and everything unpleasant - and that you enjoy spring!
    All the best, Traude


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