Friday, August 20, 2010

The Occasional Soul Mate

My brain takes a holiday anytime it has to deal with too much repetitious cooking, so I've been known to rise up out of sheer boredom and host dinner gatherings based totally around untried and untested recipes.

This feat works fantastically with husband, as he would rather eat a triple charred, reduced to ashes dusting of steak than, "heaven forbid", toss a meal into that receptacle of garbage containment.

99% of time intuition spares me the embarrassment of somehow working my dog into the reason for the calamity, the other 1 % gives a ready made topic for the next gathering.

United-forever-after to Meat and Spud Guy with a delectable bottle of Del Monte catsup as his mistress and a veggie vocabulary of just green beans and corn (is corn really a veggie?), has proven to somehow over the years have more advantages than disadvantages.

If he can anyway swallow it, the meal is declared a success - I guess if he couldn't it would be a failure - but he thinks I am a cooking genius swallowing everything I place before him.

Me - swooning over a hunk of coveted soft, buttery, hint of nuttiness Sonoma Jack Cheese...he just doesn't get it. Sargento, Kraft, Velveeta, all a good eat he critiques. 

Besciamella, bearnaise, veloute, gravy is gravy again he critiques. Me - giddy with delight at prospect of prosciutto and cantaloupe...why does this ham and melon cost so much, he asks?

Credit must be given where credit is due. Veggie vocabulary has expanded into the low double digits, catsup gathers dust in pantry, and spuds are seldom on menu. Always cleans his plate like a very good boy, and just this year he managed to move beyond the tomato sauce offerings on my most favorite Italian restaurant menu.

Now that is cause for a drunken celebration 22 years in the making. Another 22 years and he might just become my companion connoisseur of delightful escapades. Sigh...I wonder if my taste buds will even be working by then...

Ummmmmmmmm cantaloupe...
Dang! No prosciutto!

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  1. One can never underestimate the simple pleasure of good food and great company to share it with. I can't wait for seconds!


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