Saturday, August 14, 2010

Two Glasses of Wine

Two glasses of wine and I'm thinking about marriage. Let me re-phrase that...the only marriage in my thoughts tonight is my own. I have been known to hate the concept of marriage, but I also know I like having the other half to complete me. Such a mishmash of feelings.

Husband at Afghanistan address and I find myself saving his beginning sentences left for me on the answer machine before I hurriedly pick up his calls. I have been known to wait a few seconds to see what choice things he is going to say as he begins the message. Editing all those bits and pieces, I save the ones that are gems to my heart. So many at one time, I finally had to delete them to make room for the next batch.

I play my answer machine medley whenever I miss him too much...I play it a lot.
  • Yo's your lovin man on the line.
  • Hellooooo, buenos dais or buenos noches, or buenos night time.
  • You're not available at this time? Are you at the vet? Well, you could be at the vet. Are you at home? ...I guess not. Well, I'll call later on this afternoon...have a good day...or good night...sleep you...bye, bye.
  • This is Vic ____ the man, the legend. Are you home yet? You still at the vet? Did you have to shoot Dustin?
  • Hey babe, you there? It doesn't soooooound like it. Well, your email says you would probably be out anyway, so I figured I would give a call and see if you were. Tell Mr. Dustin I said I hope he checks out okay today. He's not going to die anytime soon, or anything like that, 'cause he's such a little hillbilly. You guys have a pleasant evening. Love you guys.
  •'s Sunday night and you should be available.
  • Good eeeeevening. It's your man from killer Kandahar on the phone.
  • This is Victor _ _____ calling Yvonne _ _____...Are you there? Are you there? (long pause) Hmmmmm...are you outside?
  • Yooooo. Your sugar daddy's on the line.
I know...crazy...but I love it.

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