Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Goodbye sweet summer...Hello spicy autumn

Sliding the glass doors open, I am greeted with a coolness against my skin, my head is filled with wren songs, and my nose catches the sweet fragrance of persimmon fruits as they lay decaying on the ground.  Autumn is slowly taking over the gardens, and I want to savor it all one more time before leaves start letting go and floating to the ground below.

Earlier uprooted some rather large weeds, and startled by rabbit making it's escape through fence and beyond.  Christmas ferns finally tucked into place today, as I'm gambling this yard has matured enough to give them a good home...time will tell.

My dog walker came by at noon to take Dustin on his daily hike, and asked me what's up with this weirdo dog behavior of my dog approaching her backwards...butt first.  Oh my gosh, I had to laugh, I've created a little freak...not intentionally of course, he he.  He loves his rump rubbed, adores it, pleads for it, whines for it, demands it.  Every time he re-enters the house I just give him a couple of scratches on the rear and a pat or two, and he is off to see which feline he can irritate the most.

He does seem to be always preoccupied with this tail end scratching routine, tail flipping ferociously to and fro, dancing just a step ahead, constantly looking over his shoulder to be sure I am within an arms reach of that canine derriere.  He always expects, so it's becoming a Dustin tradition I'll probably be married to the rest of his life...sigh.

Photo session with gardens today to spice up my blog, and highlight my love affair with nature.  Goodbye sweet summer goodness...hello spicy autumn playfulness.                       


  1. Spicy autumn, nice description.

  2. Your post was so very poetic today... I really loved it... and the photos are gorgeous! BTW my mother's dog does that too, we call it butt bumping! Crazy pooches! LOL

  3. Hello darlin

    When you get a chance... hop over to my blog.. I gave you and your wonderful blog a very lovely and deservedly so award!



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