Thursday, September 2, 2010


I made a choking sensation...okay, on with this tale of misguided good intentions.  (I think there is a phrase about the road-to-hell on this one).  Cats instantly notice double hung Pella Impervia SunDefense Dual Low-E windows selfishly claiming all of the window sill space, are not so user friendly.  Human takes a little longer to reach that same conclusion.

Cats more confused than normal.  Those slightly diminished rays of morning sun fanning out across living room floor, now deceptively promise that toasty radiant warmth cats find so hypnotically attractive.  Entire living room has been abandoned...their morning ritual of hogging the sun drenched areas, surrendered to only a memory.  I plant my bare foot onto one of those spots flooded with sunshine and it is cool.  I feel a little twinge of guilt.

I've wiped out the ecstasy of hotness my trio of felines craves.  Hell...I've wiped out the ecstasy of brightness I, myself, crave.  Making mental note...walking into a dark room during daylight hours no longer means bad weather is a coming.  It just means I screwed up, and this is my life after that blunder of some significance.

Suck it up, silence the whines, and flip that light switch to on.  Light switch be on, doldrums be gone.  Light switch be off, cripes...reminds me again of my mistake that has grown to magnificent proportions.  I'm beginning to feel a whole lot of guilt.

Look up sites for those cat window seats, so my trio can bask in the cold sunshine and give me those silent dart glares.  My heart sinks a little and my checkbook shrinks a lot...this pet friendly contraption of plywood and cardboard, shelves and beds costs more than a double door refrigerator.

Research again for those compact fluorescent light bulbs of indoor sunshine that promise healthy amounts of UV vitamin D light.  I've shed all my tears, my reservoir's run dry, incandescent bulbs needn't worry, cause CFL's are anything but user friendly with my money.  Some extra heat pads and check out lamps with promise of radiant heat emissions. hits me like a rake handle striking squarely between my eyes...I created my energy efficiency domain as I pledged I would do, and now I'm trying to replace it with an energy deficiency abode. hoo.  This may be one of those mistakes of a lifetime, that takes a lifetime to undo.

But life does goes on, mistakes stay mistakes or get fixed, and I'm forced to finally admit...I'm a failure at the art of feline management - a modern model of deceptive practices - a fraudulent environmentalist - a mockery of conservationism - a screwed up pessimistic optimist.  Audubon would be so bad.

Rooms with a View

A wilderness beyond deck.
Dustin dog scared to venture out there after dark.
I know better than to venture out there after dark...
spiders weave those huge webs across the pathways.

Could Be Better...
but love my car...XXOXX


Note to self...
Must count stepping stones in yard...
Bet a thousand or more.
Stray off pathways...tick food.

Just For Show...
Hard in summer
Like a block of ice in winter

Jesse's Window
Ha ha ha
Who took the lace curtains down?

Andee's Window
Ok...could be worse...
This beats Jesse's window any day.

Zoe's Window

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  1. Hahaha. I love cats. I don't think I'd make a good pet owner though.


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