Saturday, June 29, 2013

In summer, gardeners leave napping to cats.

Bottlebrush Grass

Entry to pond area

Passion Flower Vine
Suckers all over the place-
only for a huge yard or large planters. 
Ours are in large planters.

Healthy pond covered with vegetation
keeping water cool and algae at a minimum.

Back Yard Patio Retreat

Back Yard Deck surrounded
 Spicebushes growing in planters,
resulting in numerous Spicebush Swallowtail Butterflies
flying around the gardens during summertime.

Baby Runner Bean

Hindsight - plant corn two weeks before runner beans
Runner beans looking pitiful - 
Light mulch of wood chips and shredded leaves -
A treatment of liquid organic fertilizer for growth
 of microbes in the soil -
Much better now.

Baby Carrots


Lemon Cucumber

an edible succulent from India
that grows only in the compost bins
and cracks in the patio in our yard.
If uprooted, it uses the water in the stems to make seeds.
Explains why so many are growing in my compost bins.
Now they are in the raised beds, and I plan to thin them out
and use for living mulch.  

Native Tall Bellflower

As the gardens mature,
 places for the non-native daylilies
 becomes harder and harder to find.
Some go to neighbors, others to the trash bin.
I keep holding onto as many as I can,
relocating them each year.
Poor babies! 

Michael's and Bryon's Resting Place
in the gardens

Newbie to the gardens -
 impulse buy cause no natives were available
that would fit the bill.
I love single flower roses!

Blueberries that the mockingbirds think
 I planted for them alone.
It's a war to taste any ripe ones before
they vanish down a birds throat.

Green Eyes Wink - super cute name

Entry to Front Gardens


Nameless Purple Spider Daylily - a gift

Orange Vols

Non-native bellflower



  1. Lovely flowers, I want to sit on your swing! Most of mine are in pots and were planted late so they are just starting to look good. I finally bought some fertilizer from a local and will report later if it worked.

  2. Wow, your garden is simply bursting at the seams at the moment. Everything looks terrific. I simply love those Water Lilies, and those Daylilies are beautiful. I really love your little back yard patio retreat too. That looks like a great spot to kick back and relax for an hour or so.

  3. Purslane- I have lots of that but never knew what it was called. We have an enclosure around the blueberries to keep the birds and raccoons out. Every once in a while, a smaller bird gets through the chicken wire and can't seem to figure out how to get out.
    Your veggies are looking good.

  4. The sweet Miss Tanya feel relacexed comfortable and makes a nice picture. (◠‿◠)
    ✿ I love the summer and the summer-flowers. Verry sympathetic posting with the diversity /variety of colors. ✿
    Thanks for your nice comment and habe a funny sunday afternoon.
    Wieczora (◔‿◔) | my photoblog

    1. I like your Blog - verry interessting, beautiful and likable.
      If you want, we can follow eacht other on GFC ore Blog Connect. Pleas let me know on my blog.
      xoxo from

  5. What gorgeous grounds you have! I could sure use your magic garden hands around here! Who are Michael and Bryon? I'm sure they love being surround by all that love and magic!

    1. Thank you, Sherry. Michael and Bryon were the two cats I had when I moved here. They both had kidney disease and were on fluids, which didn't help Michael much. He died first, and Bryon a month later. I think Bryon died from a broken heart, because he and Michael were extremely close. He just gave up. They were my sweeties.

  6. I so love the pictures of your garden! Can you come work on mine?

    1. Hahaha! I'm beginning to wish I lived in Georgia.

  7. Your garden looks so beautiful with so many lovely surprises. I am having a hard time finding spots for spreading lilies as well. I may have to give some away.

  8. Just beautiful! I have my yard and garden to myself this year and I am having a fabulous time with it. So good to "see" you again!

  9. so much to see. Love the napping cat. :)

  10. You're so good at letting others see your world, through both words and images.


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