Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Strange Happenstance

A bit of nonsense from an observation.

It was the circle of opportunity for that little guy...decisions, decisions, decisions.  He couldn't make up his mind.  Perhaps I gave him too much credit, perhaps it was just a case of double dosed far-farsightedness, or perhaps...just perhaps, when you're 1/64th of an inch tall your horizon doesn't really expand very far.

Pairs of feet north, south, west, and east; pairs of feet apparently mere foggy apparitions when one is keenly astute but ooh so terrifically minute.  The tiny tyke ventured to the north, veered to the east, hightailed over to the west, backtracked east, north, then southward bound. 

Tongues wagged, feet shuffled, eyes ignored as he zigged over here, zagged over there, hung a far left, made a quick right, and around again he came.  In the presence of giants, that insignificant speck unfazed by soles tipping, tapping, flipping, flopping; he was a totally laid-back ordinary kind of itsy-bitsy bloke.

Poor little squirt...he never saw it coming as he was pinched up into that soft, pink tissue and flushed down that vortex of unholy water into eternal oblivion.  So sad.  It's dreadfully tough staying afloat and carrying on when you're a misunderstood little brown tick kind of spunky half-pint.


My laptop evaporated into thin air...poof!  We had to replace the desktop before it blanked out into oblivion; and with Victor going overseas sometime in the next day, week or was deemed a silly extravagance to let the new desktop just sit there in lonely solitude.

I made myself the administrator of that little Lenovo guy (I know, I know...China).  He has to coexist with that Microsoft keyboard, HP monitor, and printer. I'm downloading boo coos of updates to make it all copacetic with that happy ever after feeling of partnership.
Google chrome is showing its belligerent side creating a problem when I open my blog with it in the front seat beside my little Lenovo guy. Hopefully I'm up to the challenge, and last night was just a fluke, a slight misunderstanding among friends when I tried to strangle little Lenovo right out of existence with his handy dandy power cord.
Anyway, the vibrator effect of the sidebar is driving me bonkers when my eyes can't help but latch onto it.  I may be in a bit of hot water when I start trying to make my changes with it.  Is there anything in this life that doesn't come with a backdoor that's labeled Don't Open and not nailed shut?

I remember husband enlightening me weeks ago on what not to expect email wise after he lands in the middle east.  Can't all vanished from my noggin like spilled milk in a room full of cats. Today I find out there will be no mail service where he'll be working...NO MAIL SERVICE.  It's like being sucked into a black-hole of non-existence.

Life's happening, so I'm shifting into fourth gear and racing with the wind down that highway of silly melding with serious.  No one ever says life's too long, but it's said a zillion times a day that life's definitely way too short.  Living life for all its worth and then maybe just a little bit more...pure perfection ;)

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  1. It sounds like you had a most fabulous day with your niece!! Somehow, I do not think you will ever be bored. Between work, garden, and hobbies you will be fine while Vic is away, at least I hope. Hopefully he will be able to call, at least.


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