Monday, February 22, 2016

Crash and Burn

I seem to be too bored with this endeavor to continue.  Blogging, never quite what I had envisioned it would be, has been a lonely disappointment for me in the fight to be popular, semi-popular, hardly popular, and downright sucks non-popular.    I will always be grateful for the early years that eventually snowballed into a nice little show of followers for all too short a time, and mourn the latter years when hardly any of my favorites escaped the black-hole of oblivion.  I leave this experience as I had entered it...alone and talking to myself.


  1. sad times:-( I'm finding it real hard at the mo too - haven't written or read anything for ages.. you aren't alone though - everyone that matters is by your side, I suspect :-)

  2. Thanks, Glen. You stopping by and saying goodbye is a great ending. Take care.


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