Friday, June 25, 2021

The Cat in the Window

[ Bruno Liljefors - 1885 ]


I'm Ms. Charlotte Featherbender
I'm a recovering killerholic.

After six years clean, I ate a fat juicy delectable busy body fly today.
It was so addictively delicious.
Mommy yelled at me to let her squash it with  her flyswatter,
but what fun is that for me?
I ignored her.
My bad!

These selfies are a bummer with my short legs.

Mommy's outside today, 
the whole day I think, 
drinking her tea in a calm rage on the deck,
after daddy decapitated one of the Baptisia 'Purple Smoke' plants.

Since mommy's a bit under the weather,
I'll charm you with my knowledge of garden delights
other stuff more interesting.

I'm an indoor cat.
My world of gardening pleasures 
weed pulling misery
consists of what my imagination can conjure up
from my window with a view.


I escape my little chamber of tranquility and race down the hall to outrun the wrath of that psycho calico coming at me like the jaws of an alligator buzz sawing towards dinner.

The calls of feathered friends beckons me to hurry to the screened sliding door, and as I softly let out a little frantic mew, mommy lovingly slides it open so I may join her, slamming it shut in Lacey's face.

The cooler summer weather has been a surprise today, and I join her for a lovely cup of cod liver oil.

She caresses me under my chin leaving my ears alone, because she so gets me.  She would do anything for me, as I would do anything for her...almost.

The gardens are lovely delicate shades of grey today.  I know, I know...mommy says they are green, but what is green?  Silly mommy!  Grey is good.  Fifty shades of grey are even better.

Tiptoeing down the deck steps ever so lightly, I mosey on over to that planter that has given birth to a monstrosity that looks like a medusa head with branches snaking towards the sun.

Accidently dug up when planting last autumn, mommy put the tuber into an empty planter to see what it would morph into.  She's a little hesitant to do it in just yet, but I think she should put it out of its misery.


Reality check!

Hummmmm... as I look through mommy's garden photos, it's going to take all the creativity my genius of a brain can fantasize to save this tale of a sad garden that took mommy to the cleaners, then hung her out to dry into a wrinkly old prune.

Mom's been upset lately, saying all her photos look her age.  I guess she deleted them.  Luckily I found a painting that does her justice.

[ Max Liebermann - 1878 ]

Love you, mommy!

Here Today - Gone Tomorrow Lilies
or whatever mommy calls them.
Such lovely shades of many layers of grey...


Rainbow lilies for all you humans...

and a second or third cousin to the above.

Cheeky yellow with a touch of rouge, me thinks.

More of the same, maybe a Because I Like It plant.
Do you like it?


"Kissy Lips"
I'm a cat!  What do I know.  Looks like kissy lips to me.

"Me and My Shadow" Clematis
I don't know what all the fuss is about when mommy identifies a plant.
She spends hours, but my method's much faster.

The wind blows from the east.

The wind blows from the west.

Mommy says my poetry's a little under the weather.
What does that even mean?

Golden Girl
~ A flirty bit of sunshine
and yes, I see yellow a little bit, kind of, maybe, who knows.

Wait a minute...
I remember this one -
Maggie Noya

Buttonbush, Pinheadbush, Staticelectricitybush...take your pick!
I'm heading for the potty pan.

potty break


potty break


potty break


potty break


potty break


potty break


potty break


and so on.

Carwash for bugs

Torture chamber for bugs

Psycho weed or something like that for butterflies.

And so on, and so on, and so on...
where are the edibles?


No bugs :(

I'm out of here!

Mommy says I'm 
the essence of pure loveliness.

I headbutt, claw knead, and drool on her head
to show my appreciation.
She ducks her head all over the place, 
but I can keep up with her playfulness.
Kisses, mommy!



  1. Lovely post. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I enjoyed this post by a very smart and pretty kitty.


  3. Hello,
    What a cute post from Ms. Charlotte. You are lovely, you have a neat perch near the window. The flies are a bother, I am glad to see them go. Beautiful flowers, I love the various clematis and lilies. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend. PS, thank you for the comment and visit.

  4. ...Staticelectricitybush is a new one for me!!!

  5. Great post! So many beautiful flowers, loved the Rainbow lilies.

  6. I hate it that my photos look my age too, LOL! And wow, that is the world's best cat tree, you lucky cat!

  7. Ms. Lizzie is very into her bird watching of late! Oh, if she could just get through that screen! But she did bring a mouse to bed with me. We had words on that but at least I knew where the carcass was.

  8. You just can't trust cats...they are SO honest! heehee! Love the post. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  9. What beautiful flowers and a sweet little feline!

  10. Charlotte, thank you for the photos and the story! You have a sense of humor as developed as your mommy! 😊
    You're gorgeous, yes, but Lacey is beautiful too! ❤️

    I wish you happy days, Yvonne! I hope you are much better now.

  11. Gorgeous flowers and a lovey post.

  12. What a beautiful blog.
    I like the flowers.
    Greetings Irma

  13. Funny story! I love cats too, and have two indoor cats.
    Beautiful flowers!

  14. much to see in your interesting post :)

  15. Hello Charlotte. I really enjoyed this review of your moms beautiful garden. You are a very good plant watcher! You would like a plant my daughter has in her yard. It is called “Hot Lips”…it really does look like kissy lips. You can tell your mommy that I don’t quite believe that picture looks like her. Because she is much more active! Instead, That picture looks like me…I sit too much.

  16. I had a pet cat when I was a kid. Beautiful flowers in your garden. I like that painting. Have a wonderful week.

  17. What a creative and inspiring post! And what a beautiful blog!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, so I found you :)

  18. Lovely post as always, Yvonne!

    Such pretty flowers and a most adorable kitty!

  19. A wonderful story, Charlotte.
    My, what a lovely blog and garden you have, Yvonne!

  20. Are you really just an indoor cat and you are not allowed to walk around in this beautiful, large garden and catch as many flies as you like? Wow, when I look at this wonderful scratching post, is that so for sure? The selfie is great!

  21. Yvonne you have such a wonderful blog!So nice to look at and enjoy:))

    I like your cat and the paintings-Beautiful

  22. Hi Yvonne

    What a cute cat, who has lots of personality and story telling ability! :) Your lilies are beautiful. The deer eat all of mine.

  23. My cat is a willy-nilly killer, we never know what he's going to bring in and whether it's dead or alive!
    Love the pretty flowers a lot :)

    Your link this week at 'My Corner of the World' is appreciated!

  24. Hello Yvonne! I know I've been here before and commented (getting that out of the way before you wonder about whether I'm suffering from you-know-what).... but just came back to say hi and that you and Charlotte are well! You both made me smile a second time as I glanced through your lovely post.

  25. love the way you compose your posts! too good

  26. My cat is on my lap right now, making it difficult to type. Lovely flowers, and fiesty felines. Potty break. Ha!


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