Sunday, July 3, 2022

Please Don't Remind Me.

 Purple Passionflower 

You remind me of how old I really am…  She finds herself thinking this as this perfect lady flies by her and disappears around the corner of the waiting room.  Every single week this scenario repeats without fail as she waits to be next up to enter physical therapy. Young, thin and beautiful, while she is old, dumpy and seen better days.  This lady turns heads, while the only head she turns is her own.  She leans her head back against the wall, closes her eyes and sighs the longest of sighs as eyes open wide.  She hates being old.

That’s all I’ll write about my state of mind.

Butterfly Weed

Native Bush Honeysuckle, Diervilla lonicera

Eastern Leaf-footed Bug, Leptoglossus phyllopus
It travelled into the house on my shirt sleeve.
I panicked a bit, as it walks so fast,
I thought I would never manage to get it back outside.

My skin rains salty sweat as I clean out the birdbath of green slim that clings to the stone.  Isn’t it a bit daff, that in the middle of winter I wished for a day just like this, then today, when my wish has come true, I want to take it all back?  The humidity makes it all so devilishly hellish.  One clap of thunder this afternoon with rain falling elsewhere, but not here.  Last week thunder roared across the heavens with a five-minute drenching that moved out so quickly it felt as if a heartless joke had just been played.

Hairy Wild Petunia (Ruellia humilis)

'Autumn Minaret' Daylily - Flowers stand as tall as me.

Purple Coneflower with Carpenter Bee

One day we waited outside for the lightning bug show, and the players showing up could be counted on one hand.  Yes, I have photos of insects, but their numbers have taken a stumble and a tumble down the hill into oblivion, it would seem.  A pair of Carpenter bees stay busy in the field of phlox ‘Jeana’, and a stray butterfly did wander into the mix yesterday, but about the only insect staying abundantly abundant here are ants.  Don’t get me wrong… or do get me wrong, an ant is not my cup of tea as a garden buddy.

Phlox 'Jeana' with Carpenter Bee

We did manage on lightning bug night, after straining our necks and eyes for over an hour, to spy the young Mockingbird cocking its tail upwards while complaining about the food service from mom and dad.  It was nice to finally put a face to all that high-pitched begging.  A toad has been spotted, which makes annihilation of the aggressive Canadian Goldenrod, wild raspberry bushes, and Purple Passion Flower in the prairie garden that much harder to accomplish.  Carefully, a bit of herbicide is painted on the offending leaves to slowly do them in.  This will be an all summer activity :(

Beautyberry blush pink flowers

Phlox 'Jeana' with Silver-spotted Skipper
One of the largest of the Skipper Butterflies

Where the old Persimmon Tree once lived.

It's a bit dark this sultry evening, as the phrase of the moon is waxing crescent.  Fireworks popping off here and there in the neighborhood, and humidity hovering around the 80% mark, makes for an evening best spent indoors, don’t you think?  I’m sitting in my studio with a tall glass of tart cherry juice (I do love sweet and sour together), poured over ice, with my shoes kicked off, listening to calm music…wondering… wondering if I’ll ever finish styling this room.  If I consider past revelations about myself, then the answer is no.  I think I’ll take Ralph Waldo Emerson’s advice and consider this room a journey and not a destination.  I like that. 

New Maidenhair Fern added to right side of front door



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  1. ...I'm not familiar with Hairy Wild Petunia (Ruellia humilis), will check it out.

  2. I always enjoy your photos of bees on flowers!

  3. I recently was in physical therapy for a month, as I sat awaiting for my icing-down part, I couldn't help but notice all the familiar faces, once again patients, all getting their broken parts working again, and all of us old and older :(
    I love seeing the bees on your flowers, and ironically I brought a "stink bug" inside the house last night, and hustled kindly to return him outside :)

  4. Happy 4th of July to you! Your flowers and garden always look beautiful to me.
    I am sure all the bees, butterflies and birds are attracted to your yard. I have not noticed any lightning bugs lately, I have to look for them tonight. Take care, have a happy new week!

  5. Hello Yvonne,:=) Lovely array of colourful flowers and bees.. The Silver- spotted Skipper is a beauty, and quite different than others I have seen. The Eastern Leaf- spotted bug is another "new to me,", insect. I like finding insects, and taking photos of them, but not in my house, but they have a way of entering uninvited. It's thundery weather here also, and very hot, which makes me feel tired,and I don't like not feeling young any more, and lacking the energy I used to have. I can't remember the last time I felt young, I have heard people say it's all in the mind, but it's usually people who do not suffer
    from pain in their bodies who say this.Yesterday was my late husbands birthday, he would have been 88.yrs.young. When you mentioned the Persimmon fruit tree which used to have a place in your garden, I was reminded of how much Americo used to love this fruit, the riper the better for sweetness, but the slimy pulp was unpleasant to my taste buds, and I did not enjoy eating them, and gave up trying to make jam, because it took too long to make.There are peach trees in their place now. Memories of better times, make me happy, and it was a special day of remembrance yesterday.which I shared with my daughter. as the other members of the family all have Covid.

    So sorry for rambling on like this Yvonne I will leave you with a hug and hope your physio treatment makes you feel better soon.
    All the best. and Happy 4th of July.

  6. The Butterfly Weed in my garden is always a riot of colour, but this year it has outdone itself, much to the delight on insects seeking nectar.

    1. I have a difficult time keeping it coming back every year due to our clay soil. This fall or next spring I will plant ones from a nursery that deals in butterfly weed for clay soil.

  7. I don't really know what to write about the first paragraph. I quickly reviewed the years that passed. Don't remind me! 😊

    How much I love your garden that I consider wild! ❤️ It's a perfect ecosystem!
    I wish you serene days and many joys with your loved ones!

  8. Beautiful photos and such a well written prose. I specially love the ending.


  9. lovely images, you do know your flowers.

  10. Oh dear, your state of mind doesn't sound very good. Take comfort in the fact that one day the young lady - if she lives that long - will also be old. And maybe she will then suffer from the fact that she is no longer beautiful and no longer turns anyone's heads. And she's going to need physical therapy and sigh.
    Yes, sometimes you wish for heat on cold days and cold on hot days. We're crazy, everyone. Last week it was tropically hot and muggy here, on Monday it started raining and cooling down and now I've been cold for days. Hmm... we should be able to save it.
    Ants aren't my thing either. They sometimes come into the house and pounce on the cat food. And in the garden I can see how they transport aphids to the berry bushes so that they can milk them later.
    Your pictures from the garden are so beautiful and even if you count few insects, you photograph many.
    Thank you for writing to me, that you think of me often - I think of you often, too! :-) <3
    Happy weekend and hugs from Austria,

  11. I remember when a summer drive resulted in dozens of squashed insects on the windscreen, the front of the car and the number plate. I would curse and buy "insect remover" from the car spares shop or the local garage. No more - we have done for our insects.

    Please don't worry about getting old. When I look at and listen to some of the young ones now, I despair for our country and way of life. We boomers have had the best of times never to be repeated.

    Lovely photos Yvonne. Stay strong.

  12. Thanks for your comment om my blog, I see you are a cat lover too, always nice people. :)

  13. Hello Yvonne,
    I always enjoy seeing your plants and flowers. I would like to try growing the butterfly weed. The bees look happy on your Phlox, lovely collection of images. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great day and happy new week.

  14. wow, you really have a nice garden. So much beauty and even wildlife. I think the name Leaf-footed Bug is very appropriate on that bug. :) Don´t think I have seen one before :)

  15. Your garden is wonderful to see, great place to sit and relax. Flowers are beautiful and I love seeing the bee. Great captures, thanks for sharing.

  16. We may be old now but we were young once. So one day these young ones will be old too. This is life. Beautiful flowers and interesting insects. Weather is hot and humid here too. Have a great new week.

  17. I hope you feel better this week and more encouraged. Some days I feel older than others and I always feel more tired at the end of the day than I think I should! But relaxing to ponder and enjoy your beautiful flowers is a nice way to spend time!


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